Cindy & Friends Wee Wee Pad (S Size)

Cindy & Friends Wee Wee Pad (S Size)

Wee Wee Pads with Qik-Dry Technology will help train your pets, while keeping your home clean and free of stains and smell from urine. Our Qik-Dry Technology offers 6-layer of protection, turning liquids into gel; sealing in all moisture while the quilted top later remains dry and free from tracking. It’s the perfect solution for training puppies, helping out senior dogs, or even lining your crate or carrier!

  • Qik-Dry Technology  – Developed to evenly spread out liquid, keeping the surface dry.
  • Absorption Power – Sucks in all liquid quickly, while spreading them out evenly on the pad.
  • No Tears or Tracking – Tear resistant top layer features quilting to reduce tearing and helps prevent tracking.
  • Fresh All Day Long – Great for multi-dog homes and pets that stay indoors for extended periods.
  • Training Tool – Make potty-training your dog as simple and worry free!


Ways to use Wee Wee Pad

  • House Training
  • Sick or Aging Pets
  • While Traveling
  • Backup For Outdoor
  • Inside Crate or Litter Box
  • Drying paws, Spills & Messes

Training Tips

  1. Place pets on wee wee pad several times a day.
  2. If pets starts to pee, say “Go Potty” to help them relate action to command.
  3. When accidents happen, bring them to wee wee pad immediately.
  4.  Once wee wee pad soiled, dispose and replace.
  5. As pets become trained, move wee wee pad closer to door.


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